I felt improvement in my back pain within just a few weeks of taking up nordic walking. I persevered with regular nordic walks and having done this over a year, I have noticed improvement in my immune system.  

— S - St Albans Nordic Walking UK

Since I have been doing a weekly Workout Walk in St Albans, my level of fitness has increased but more importantly, my backache that I have been suffering from for a number of years has vastly improved. Nordic Walking has improved my posture and I would recommend it to everyone, irrespective of how fit you are!  

— Susan G - St Albans Nordic Walking UK

'I have just completed my 4 weeks training in Nordic walking with Savita and can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was encouraged to try it by a friend but was dubious because I have recently been diagnosed as having significant arthritis in my knee and exercise was proving to be painful. I have been trying to find a form of exercise that would strengthen my knee without causing further damage and Nordic walking appears to be perfect. I can walk at a rate that suits me whilst being part of a group and the use of poles means that pressure and impact on my knees is greatly reduced. I also have some arthritis in my hands and Savita has worked with me to find poles that are comfortable to use. I was surprised to find that Nordic walking exercises not only your legs but also your upper body. This improves your posture which stays with you after you have finished the session. It is also a very sociable exercise with options to join groups on several days during the week'.

— Susan B - St Albans Nordic Walking UK

'I started Nordic walking in September and already it has had a significant impact on my life.  Not only is it an extremely enjoyable way to exercise that I very much look forward to, but I have also notice some significant health benefits.  My posture has noticeably improved which makes exercise much easier, more efficient and pleasurable to do.  However, for many years I have suffered quite severe digestive problems and much to my surprise since I have taken up Nordic walking this has completely disappeared and has not returned. I can see now how bad posture impacts on my body in many ways including my digestive system.  A final unexpected additional bonus, despite the indulgences of Christmas, I have actually lost weight.   Richard St Albans Nordic Walking'

— Richard - St Albans Nordic Walking UK